The Ultimate Spelling “Bee” Board


Grab their attention with a Word.

Fix that Word in their minds. Have the audience magically spell out the Word on this board.

This is a magic board that can spell a word that your want your audience to remember.

The Spelling “Bee” Board has been improved.  Now you can show the windows in the board blank before you turn it around to have the cards replaced into board.

Watch the video performance below.

It has windows for 7 letters and you get a link to a Website of every 7 letter word in the English language.

It comes in both a stage size using Jumbo Playing Cards and in small size using regular Poker Size Playing Cards.

Spelling Bee Board Promo


Price for the Jumbo Card Stage version is $197.00 plus shipping.

(The Stage size Board is 35 X 7.5 inches in size)
The cards are 4 1/2 X 7″ which are the standard Jumbo size blank face playing cards from Bicycle.

You will get 14 Blank Faced Cards with your order.
You can purchase more cards at $2.50 each.

Also you can purchase more 3″ Vinyl Letters by shopping around on the Internet.

Small Size using regular Poker Size Playing Cards is $117.00 plus shipping.

(The small board is 21.5  X 3.5 inches in size)

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